Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jonah Robinson's Story

Jonah Robinson, Loyola University Chicago Alumni
My experiences with Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly has provided unique learning experiences and, above all, strengthened my desire to make a difference within the senior community. Being involved with an organization like Little Brothers which allows me the freedom to personalize my interactions with seniors is important to me because it is not just a job to me. I have always had a strong affinity towards elderly people and hold them very near to my heart. My internships with Little Brothers opened my eyes to an opportunity to be in personal contact with seniors everyday and not waste my life behind a desk.

                 At Loyola I was constantly being told to "go forth and set the world on fire" and through my Program Assistantship with Little Brothers (and now full time employment) I was given the perfect opportunity! Through my friendships with the socially isolated seniors we serve, I get to rekindle their fire and passion for life. I am afforded the time and resources to build meaningful relationships with my seniors that impact both of our lives for the positive. Not only is Little Brothers giving me the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, but they are providing the chance for their seniors to continue living extraordinary lives. I am very proud to be beginning my career in the field of Gerontology with Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly.

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