Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ashley's Story

                                                                 Ashley and Internship Supervisor Ginger

          This past semester I (Ashley Lundgren) held the position of Environmental Projects Intern with the 48th Ward Alderman’s Office. As an Environmental Studies major, going into public service was an appealing option after graduation.  Being involved with this local government organization allowed me to get an inside view into how City government works and the complexities of working within this system for environmental change. In this position I answered constituent questions about environmental topics and did research on urban sustainability. I also assisted in the planning, marketing and outreach of several aldermanic events including the Clean and Green Volunteer Day. My duties included everything from making and distributing flyers, contacting vendors for donations of supplies and everything in-between.
           My experience with the Alderman's office definitely gives me an advantage over other applicants as I near graduation. After graduating I will be starting a full-time paid internship with I-GO Car Sharing.  As their Community Outreach Intern I will attend several Chicago neighborhood festivals and events in order to promote I-GO and help spread their mission.   The event planning and community outreach that I did as an intern with the Alderman will be directly applicable to this position.  
            Through project management and event planning this internship has allowed me to cultivate and strengthen my leadership and communication skills as well as build strong connections that will aid me in the future. I believe that this internship has been critical in providing me with the experience and contacts to start building my career network.  The relationships that I've built with the staff in this office, as well as other neighborhood partners will directly benefit me in my future career endeavors.

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